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September 19, 2017


If you’ve ever had surgery, you’ve probably heard the Dr. warn against making any big decisions, or having any deep discussions while recovering under pain meds.


These are not the only conditions that warrant such a warning. Jet lag is one such time (I’m now on my 3rd overseas trip in 5 weeks, with another Asia trip next month, so I think I’ll refrain from any deep discussing or deciding till December).


Talking under the influence of alcohol is another occasion to refrain from strategic planning. I’ve often wanted to give people (and myself, to be honest) a TUI violation, if you will.


Speaking of drinking, the AA community has a helpful acronym for understanding when we’re not at our best. Each letter stands for a condition worth our caution, and the word itself, HALT, helps us remember to pause. Here are the four conditions worth considering:




Whenever we’re feeling any of these, let’s try to pause on making big revelations, or creating big life plans.


Peace begins with pause,



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