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February 2, 2018

Halos & Nooses

“Be aware that a halo only has to fall a few inches to become a noose.”
(Dan McKinnon, Canadian singer-songwriter)


When we try so hard to do everything perfectly, perhaps portraying the “model” mom or dad, we might as well think of it as tightening a noose. We are not only choking the life out of our own experiences, but we’re unwittingly teaching our kids that anything less than perfect isn’t good enough.


This is not to say we should stop trying our best to be a good parent. It just means we should readjust our idea of what being a good parent, or partner, or person means.


Reclaim your sense of humor and your ability to learn from your mistakes. Be coachable instead of perfect and a couple of things will happen: You’ll not only be more fun to be around, but you just might teach something attainable and valuable to the ones who are watching.


Peace begins with pause,



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