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March 8, 2017

Learning From Our Wallets

“Need a value check? Watch where your money goes!”
(Kent Krive)

One of the most sobering truths is this: Our spending says more about us than our whatever values we spout out.

You wanna know what you truly value most? Do a spending report on your Quicken file. I recently did one for the entirety of our time in Atlanta, going all the way back to 2000. Yikes. While I was pleasantly surprised by some of our choices, I was most unpleasantly shocked by our spending elsewhere.

I’m not going to shame myself (and certainly not my wife) for these choices, though. I’m simply going to listen to them, because one of the recipes for any dissatisfaction with life is a lack of integrity between what we say we value most, and what our spending says we value most (and least).

I dare you to do something similar. Just look at your checkbook over this year so far. Would you find your spending habits match your highest values? I hope so.

Peace begins with pause,

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