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September 20, 2017

Parent different.

“Sometimes you don’t just want to attract the crowd to something mainstream, you want to create the crowd for something unconventional.”
(Brian Grazer, “A Curious Mind”)


Monday we talked about a choice: Would you want paradise alone, or the real world with your mate?


Here’s another choice: Would you rather have perfect kids who adore and depend on you forever, or raise real adults, who struggle and strive to stand tall on their own two feet?


You may quickly say you’d rather have the latter, but a lot of parenting advice promises the former. These are the programs that concentrate on your kids, all the dangers they face, and all the ways you need to protect them from the world. These are the folks that spike your anxiety, and preach the ways to get your kids to respect your authority and thus stay safe. These programs tend to be popular.


In a few weeks (Oct. 3rd, to be exact), we and Penguin Random House are releasing the 10th Anniversary Revised and Updated Edition of our first book, ScreamFree Parenting.


This is wonderful for us, but I hope it is really wonderful for those parents out there who crave to parent different…for those parents who don’t want perfectly behaved kids, but would rather raise real, comfortable-in-their-own-flawed-skin adults. This book is for those parents who wish to concentrate on controlling the only one in the house they can, themselves, so they can help their kids learn to do the same.


You interested in learning to parent different? Stay tuned, there’s more to come on this in the next few weeks…


Peace begins with pause,



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