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March 2, 2018

Perfect Poison

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor.”
(Anne Lamott)


If we examined our definition of “perfect,” we see it is often so unrealistic that it could never exist in one person. We want to be beautiful and intelligent. We want to be an amazing cook and a professional athlete. We want to be desired in every arena from the boardroom to the bedroom. What we really want, it turns out, is to edit together all the best bits of all the people we admire, roll them into one person, and then be that person.




Instead of aiming for perfection, aim for growth. This begins by giving yourself permission to be imperfect, which allows you to discover self-worth in the midst of your imperfections. It also makes you much easier to be around, which helps establish relationships with people who affirm and value you for who you are right now. All of this makes real life improvement much more likely to occur. Want to start working on that growth and become the best you can be? There’s no better way than with the Pause Platform as your guide. Start your free trial today!


Peace begins with pause,



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