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February 18, 2015

Petty Parent

Hal photo outside Feb2012“You are no bigger than the things that annoy you. ” (Jerry Bundsen)

Whenever I am tempted to think highly of myself, my parenting, or even my own growth, I think of this quote. It’s hard to put yourself on a pedestal when you find yourself extremely annoyed by your children, your spouse, or the woman in front of you in the grocery store line talking on her hands free cell phone instead of paying attention to the cashier. We all have our list of pet peeves. Bet you can probably think of a few right now, can’t you? If you’re anything like the rest of us, you’ve sometimes allowed these little annoyances to get in the way of a good conversation or a meaningful exchange with your children. The next time you find yourself gritting your teeth at something insignificant, let this quote sink in and have a good laugh at your own expense. Then, consider it a reminder that it’s time to stretch, because as long as there is even the smallest amount of pettiness in our lives, there is room for growth.

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