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August 4, 2015

Procrastination Station

Hal photo outside Feb2012Put off for one day, and ten days will pass.” (Korean proverb)

Unfinished business is among our greatest sources of distress. It can make a simple walk through the house an exhausting battle against the clothes that need to be put up, the papers that need to be organized, and the dishes that need to get done.

Do an inventory of your relationships, and that distress can leave us even more distraught. What card needs to be sent? What phone call needs to get dialed? Most importantly, what conversation with your spouse or child have you been putting off until the right time?

The irony is that while we want to wait until it’s more comfortable to have that conversation, we don’t do it until it gets too uncomfortable to bear. And that’s usually because the situation’s gotten worse.

If you listened to your gut today, what business would it have you finish today?

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