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August 28, 2015


Hal photo outside Feb2012All along, our greatest hope for your kids has been that they each become a “responsible” adult. I know, I know, every parent says that. But not every parent means it the way we at ScreamFree do. Most parents, when they say the word “responsible,” are trying to convey the idea of doing the right thing, or doing what you’re supposed to do. This is absolutely not what we want for your kids, because we believe “doing what you’re told” is not true responsibility.

The truest meaning of responsibility is to be response + able. We want your kids to be able to make a response. That’s why we’ve always tried to give our kids choices in every situation. That’s why we’ve tried to not tell them what to do all the time. We would rather all kids learn to think for themselves about a situation and choose how they want to respond, even if they end up making a “bad” decision. That way they can learn for themselves what is best for them, which is one of the central hallmarks of adulthood

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