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  • Creativity…through suffering?

    Yesterday we learned to acknowledge our suffering. Today we learn to…

  • When You Win, You Lose

    A few years into our marriage, in the midst of a lovely fight, Jenny changed her tone and simply announced: “Okay, you’re right…you win.”

  • Humility…hurts so good?

    Just because someone questions my ideas…doesn’t mean…

  • Our mistakes do not define us

    Other people’s reactions to our mistakes do not define us, even when they have power over us.

  • How to Raise a Bully…and a Bully’s Victim

    There’s some new research out there confirming what we’ve strongly suspected for awhile: Strict, authoritarian parenting, using psychological intimidation to demand obedience, greatly increases the chances a child will end up bullying other kids, or being bullied themselves.

  • We Can Hide, or We Can Heal(1)

    We Can Hide, or We Can Heal

    Two years ago today, beloved comedian Robin Williams committed suicide. A lot remains unknown about his motives, and about his mental and physical health at the time. What we do know is that he was hurting, and he was hiding.

  • 4.17 screamfree

    The Road Ahead

    As you travel on this road of raising adults, I sincerely hope you have your own parents to help. I hope you have parents and in-laws who are humble and hopeful. Having wise guides to give you a glimpse of what might be coming can be an invaluable resource to a young, inexperienced, exhausted parent.

  • Why Kids Need to Struggle

    My heart is hurting today. Does your mama heart or daddy heart ever hurt when you see your kid suffer or struggle? That’s what’s going on for me. You see, one of my kids has been on the receiving end of some unfair treatment, not getting something he deserves. Injustice strikes a nerve in me.  […]

  • Hard Things

    There are many things that my wife and I pledged to do for our children since becoming parents. We want to provide them with a stable home life, a quality education, and a spiritual foundation. All of these things are, of course, works in progress, but I would say that we have done a decent […]

  • How Much Do You Care?

    “How do you explain to a little child why you have to go to jail? Coretta has developed an answer. She tells them that daddy has gone to jail to help the people.” (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) One night during the Montgomery bus boycott, Dr. King received a late phone call just as he […]