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  • The 2nd Best Phrase You Can Say

    “That does help explain your actions, but it does nothing to excuse them.”   Today’s phrase may not be something you’ve ever heard, much less something you’ve ever said. But in my experience, it’s the best way to make sense of people’s past actions and help everyone find a better future.   Remember the Tiger […]

  • The 3rd Best Phrase You Can Say

    This week we’re looking at the best phrases we humans can say to ourselves, and to one another. Yesterday’s was “Tell me more.”

    Today’s is more a formula than…

  • The 4th Best Phrase You Can Say

    “Tell me more.” (people who pause, seeking to understand before getting people to understand them)   A few months ago we looked at the 4th Worst Phrase You Can Say. Today is the 4th Best: Tell me more.   When you need to pause after hearing bad news, try “tell me more.” It’s a great […]

  • You are/are not an animal

    Learning to represent yourself well, especially in difficult conversations, is among…

  • The Worst Phrase You Can Say

    The worst phrase we can say, if we want to enjoy great relationships, is any form of:
    I told you so. I knew this would happen. I could’ve told…

  • The 2nd Worst Phrase You Can Say

    Whenever we find ourselves using words like “always” and “never,” we are normally trying to do one thing, and one thing only: shape reality in order…

  • The 3rd Worst Phrase You Can Say

    This phrase should only be allowed if we’re throwing our arms up in resignation while we say it, because…

  • The 4th Worst Phrase You Can Say

    Yesterday we looked at The 5th Worst Phrase You Can Say. Today it’s The 4th. I’ve written on this one before, but the gist is this: whenever we say “I’m sorry, but…,” we might…

  • The 5th Worst Phrase You Can Say

    We all want to enjoy great relationships with the people that matter most. Spouses & kids, friends & coworkers, siblings & parents. Even our bosses.

  • Above All, Be Brief

    “When you wish to instruct, be brief; then men’s minds take in quickly what you say, learn its lesson, and retain it faithfully. Every word that is unnecessary only pours over the side of a brimming mind.” (Cicero)   There is one cardinal rule for public speaking: leave ’em wanting more. This may frustrate a […]