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March 14, 2018

The 3rd Worst Phrase You Can Say

“Fine. Whatever.”
(every exasperated person who feels defeated and powerless in their efforts to change others)


This phrase should only be allowed if we’re throwing our arms up in resignation while we say it, because that’s what we’re doing—resigning.


We may just be quitting on the argument at hand, but start saying this enough and we’ll find ourselves quitting on the whole relationship.


Try these instead:


“I no longer want to continue this argument; I believe it matters to you more than it does to me, so I will respect whatever you decide.”


Or, if you’re really brave:


“It seems as if you are trying to make me feel defeated. Is that what you want?”
(but only if you want to start addressing your growing resentment about the relationship).


Peace begins with pause,


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