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  • Holiday Spirits

    If this is a holiday season for you, and you’re anticipating “drawing near” to friends and family, here’s a thought:

    What spirit are you hoping…

  • It shouldn’t have to be this hard!

    One of the hallmarks of true adulthood is whenever we stop reacting against reality, and start adapting ourselves to it. So often our frustrations…

  • Love Covers Even More Than Snow

    For some of you, buried underneath a couple of different drifts already, this song makes sense. Snow, for you, doesn’t mean caroling and wassailing, it means scraping and shoveling.

  • Cheerfulness is a Decision

    Jenny here (I’m Hal’s wife). I’ve always wanted my children to have wonderful memories of growing up in our home. So, I decorated for the holidays and attended all the class parties. I took them to sporting events and cheered them on, no matter how dreadful the weather may be.

  • 4.18 Screamfree Vacation

    Don’t take your kids on vacation

    Hopefully, you’re in the planning stages of this summer’s time off and time away. Whether you call it “going on holiday” or “taking a vacation,” I hope you’re able to get away for a while. If so, here’s all I ask: Don’t take your kids. I know, I know. The “family vacation” is a rite of passage for almost every family during almost every summer.

  • The One Thing You Must Do BEFORE Next Christmas

    As I walked the length of my driveway to my mailbox on a crisp, sunny, late autumn day, I was soaking in the beauty of the sun, while my feet crunched the fallen leaves below. I was excited to go to the mailbox. Not that I was expecting anything in particular. I just find myself […]

  • From Survival to Celebration

    “A day merely survived is no cause for celebration. You are not here to fritter away your precious hours when you have the ability to accomplish so much by making a slight change in your routine.” (Og Mandino) If you listen very carefully you can almost hear the sound of millions of adults taking a […]

  • The Cray Cray of Christmas

    Surely you’ve noticed that the Christmas season creates a lot of drama and added stress. In spite of the excitement…and maybe because of it…the holidays can be awfully draining. Now, before I go any further, let me be clear: I LOVE Christmas! I love the traditions. I love the decorations. I love the lights, the […]

  • Podcast #47 — Joy to the World?

    ‘Tis the season of joy and merriment…for most people. But, for some, the holidays seem like anything but a joyous occasion. How do you sing “Joy to the World” when you’re stuck in a “Blue Christmas”? Listen in as John and Hal share how joy and sorrow mingle during this Advent season. Listen Here

  • I Missed Charlie Brown!

    As I write this post, I am an hour removed from receiving a disturbing text message from my mom. The message was a simple four-word sentence. Actually, I am not sure it was a “sentence” in the technical sense; it didn’t have a period and its structure wasn’t very sound. It read: “Charlie Brown is […]