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  • Hooked on a Feeling…

    After meeting their basic needs in a decent way, people don’t really want more…

  • Invest More, Save Less

    This may sound like crazy advice I would give to my daughter as she left for college, but this is exactly what I wanted her to think about as she managed more of her money.

  • Learning From Our Wallets

    One of the most sobering truths is this: Our spending says more about us than our whatever values we spout out.

  • Invest More, Save Less

    Christmas begins about the 1st of December with an office party, and ends when you finally realize what you spent–around April 15th of the next year. (P.J. O’Rourke) This may sound like crazy advice, but life goes best when you spend your money. Now, of course, the immediate dopamine-infused shopping spree can certainly feel good, […]

  • Podcast #55 — M-O-N-E-Y

    Very few things in life trigger our anxiety the way money does. So, how does the ScreamFree Life change that? This week Hal and John discuss money, taxes, and why it’s so difficult to remain calm about it. Listen Here +1Share