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November 30, 2017

TBT: The Best Way to Spoil Your Kids This Holiday Season

“Just remember—buying them “stuff” won’t relieve your guilt for not giving them intangible gifts like your time and attention.”
(Tim Elmore)


The best way to spoil your kids is not giving them too many material possessions. Some of the wealthiest families I know, who’ve supplied their kids with trips and gifts galore, are also some of the healthiest families I know.


Spoiling is also not done by giving your kids too light of a punishment whenever they make mistakes. Some of the best lessons can be learned from experiencing even the slightest of consequences.


No, the best way to spoil your kids is this:


1. Give ‘em material gifts instead of your time and genuine interest


2. Threaten them with huge punishments (and then never follow through), instead ofcarefully and calmly training them how to make good decisions


Peace begins with pause,



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