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December 27, 2017

The Best Remedy for Anger

“The greatest remedy for anger is delay. “


Here’s a challenge for today: The next time you feel angry, about anything at all, press pause and just wait.


Feeling your blood beginning to boil about your boss, about your spouse, about the US election? Take a step away from the person (or the screen), breathe deeply, and wait just a minute. Test yourself to see if you can do it.


By simply creating the space between stimulus and response, you can find the creativity that lies within you. In this space, you can:


  • remember what’s most important to you
  • decide whether or not to take something personally
  • think of meaningful questions to ask yourself (Am I more angry about this than before? Why this time? What am I afraid this means? What do I want instead of what I’m getting?)
  • respond from your principles and integrity rather than reacting out of your anger


Do whatever it takes to stay calm in the heat of that moment and remember, the most important button on your emotional remote control is the one marked pause.


Peace begins with pause,



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