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August 25, 2017

The Easiest Way to Earn Respect

I hear parents complain about their “disrespectful” kids all the time.


Here’s my question in reply: When you lose your cool with them and say and do things you regret, how quickly do you apologize?


Some folks actually tell me they don’t apologize, ‘cos that would communicate “weakness.”


Others tell me they’ll apologize…as soon as the kids apologize for their actions first.




Do you respect people who never apologize? Do you respect people who always expect you to apologize first?


No, you don’t.


You want your kids to respect you? Here’s the easiest way: apologize.


You yell at ’em? Apologize.


You criticize them in anger? Apologize.


You expect them to respect you, even though you haven’t behaved in a respect-filled way?




Try it this weekend. (This works marvelously with your spouse as well, btw).


Peace begins with pause,



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