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May 5, 2017

The Freedom of Independence

In the progress of personality, first comes a declaration of independence…
(Henry van Dyke)

Back on Wednesday, we talked about declaring our independence, even if we’re not “independently wealthy.” We looked at how we voluntarily makes our selves dependent by needing things from others.

Well, what if we didn’t need these things?

  • If we didn’t our need kids to follow our commands, what would happen? What if we freed ourselves from having to tell them everything they needed to do every time? (I can tell you, there’s a good chance they may start to motivate, remind, and manage themselves)
  • If we didn’t need our spouse to change, in order to make us feel validated, how would that change the relationship? What if we freed ourselves from being so dependent on another person’s day-to-day feelings for our own strength? (I can tell you, there’s a good chance our spouses will start to naturally find us, and our ideas for our life together, more appealing)
  • If we learned to love what we already have, and learned to live on even less than that, would our lives suddenly stink? What if we freed ourselves from the constant pursuit of more? (I can tell you, there’s a good chance you’d sleep better at night)

The more we need, the less freedom we have. That’s why the U.S. made their Declaration so many years ago. For freedom.

Could it work in our personal lives as well?

Peace begins with pause,

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