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October 18, 2017

The Necessary People in Our Lives

“If you and I are always in agreement, then one of us is unnecessary.”

(Gen. George S. Patton)


Think about someone who agrees with you. Always. From politics to parenting, from movies to music, this person could actually finish your sentences and serves to solidify your opinions.


If you have a person like this in your life,


  1. Do you respect them?
  2. Do you fully trust them to tell you the truth?


If you do NOT have a person who always agrees with you (most of the rest of us),


  1. Do you long for one?
  2. Do you wish your spouse was like this?


The best people in our lives are not the ones who sing all the same melodies with us, all the time. Before long, we begin to question whether this person is actually, perhaps subconsciously, changing their opinions to match ours, or whether we’re the ones doing the changing. If so, this means one of us is being inauthentic, and both of us are missing out on the chance to grow.


The most necessary people in our lives are the ones who can sing in harmony with us. These are the folks who have their own distinct melody to sing, and it is similar enough to ours to stay in relationship, and yet different enough to force us both to grow better and clearer.


Peace begins with pause,



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