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September 11, 2015

Vengeance is Mined

Hal photo outside Feb2012…I was looking for revenge; Thank God it never found me…” (Stevie Ray Vaughan, “Tightrope”)

Whenever we feel rage, or righteous indignation, or a desire for revenge, it can seem as if we can’t help it. The emotions and desires are so strong, so palpable, they actually seem to overwhelm our ability to control them.

This is not true.

Like it or not, we actually have complete culpability in fomenting those feelings. No, we didn’t cause whatever the other person did to us, but we are the ones choosing to retell the story of their injustice. We are the ones choosing to re-send their hurtful words through our mind again and again. We are the ones choosing to elicit validation for our hurts from others.

And then we feel overwhelmed by our need for justice.

It is up to me whether I mine my mind for feelings of vengeance or decisions of forgiveness. It is up to me whether I excavate my emotions for more rage or more love.

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