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October 11, 2017

Wait a minute…

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.”
(Pablo Picasso)


Some thoughts on procrastination:


—it’s not an aversion to hard work, because procrastinators end up working very hard at the end (like crafting a 30-page graduate school paper over a weekend)
—it can feel really good every once in a while, allowing a more spontaneous part of you rebel against life for awhile
—it only works if you’ve got a clear, hard deadline. If the due date can be pushed back, it will be.


The only way to beat procrastination, I’ve found, is to become less task-oriented, and more focused on process instead. The best writers, for instance, are those that sit down to write at scheduled times, even if there’s not a deadline looming, and even if there’s not an obvious muse beckoning your genius onto the page. The best managers, similarly, are those that regularly visit with their people long before they feel the strains of a project completion date.


Same goes for all of us in all of our relationships. Waiting till the last minute to convey your feelings is the best way I know to avoid being loved in return.


Peace begins with pause,



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