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March 2, 2015

What Dreams May Come

Hal photo outside Feb2012“We know what we are, but not what we may be.” (William Shakespeare)

This line is worth looking at from two different angles. First, from our own: Just because you came from a family of screamers, doesn’t mean that you are destined to become one yourself. Just because you struggle now with confidence in your parenting decisions, doesn’t mean that you always will. Don’t condemn your future self with all sorts of negative talk and self-doubt. Pardon the cheesy pun, but you are a human becoming. You aren’t done yet, so don’t go around thinking that you are. Instead of getting caught in an imaginary rut, keep working hard to take the steps you need to in order to become the person you WANT to be.

Now, as for the second angle – this same line of thinking is true for your children. Just because your son has a hard time with his chores now doesn’t mean that he’ll grow up to be irresponsible and lazy. Just because your daughter isn’t gregarious at parties doesn’t mean that she’s doomed to spend her adult years friendless. You may think that you know what your child is like, but remember that they too are human becomings and the more you can allow for amazing possibilities, the more likely that you’ll find them.






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