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May 4, 2018

What if I’m Introverted and Isolated?

In response to yesterday’s Pause, I received this feedback:


Dear Hal,


This is a bit sad, but possibly worth considering. In my case I am very introverted and in a technical career where I work from home, so if I keep count of “actual” likes I get today, the count might be pretty low. Probably circumstances like mine make Facebook “likes” even more addictive? Or perhaps their hollowness is even more impactful on people like me because on some days that might be the majority of my social interaction, with the exception of my wife and children (who probably save my life every day, in a figurative way at least).


So my point may be that your note today might be even more important for many isolated people, but it will also take some extra effort perhaps to go get a few actual, non-virtual likes.
Please say you enjoyed this email 😉



Dude, I LOVE this email! And the fact that more and more of us are entering daily work lives like yours is all the more reason to build a structure to connect us with the real world. This is counter-cultural, swimming against the current kind of stuff, but we need the HERE, the NOW, and the REAL more than ever.


Also, being introverted doesn’t eliminate your desire for connection; it just shapes how you seek it.


What’s one thing you can do to connect with something/someone real this weekend (not including wife & kids)? What if your life depended on it?


(And that goes for all of us—this is a matter of life and death).


Peace begins with pause,


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