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September 13, 2017

What’s a Grownup?

“We can’t go around talking about what we’re going to be when we grow up…We are up.”
(“Disney’s The Kid”)


My wife and sister share a birthday today. I’m not dumb enough to tell you how old they are, but I will say they are both beautifully mature beyond their years.


I don’t feel that way, however. Maybe it’s because I’m a youngest child, or maybe it’s because I refuse to stop laughing at potty humor (those two facts may be related).


It’s probably just because I still struggle with insecurity about this whole grownup thing. Part of me wonders when someone’s gonna waltz in and fix all the things I keep fumbling around (money, career, parenting, marriage).


Now, to be sure, another part of me feels accomplished, capable, and confident to handle adulthood as it comes. But that first part often seems to scream louder, grabbing my attention like a whiny toddler.


Am I the only one?


Peace begins with pause,



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