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February 12, 2018

Where it All Begins…

“It is essential to respect the truth that integrity, honor, and accountability begin in our homes and then spread past those four walls into the world beyond.

A little boy overhears his mother say to his father, ‘You hurt my feelings when you said that, and I didn’t like it.’ Then he hears his father say, ‘You’re right. I’m sorry. I was out of line with that comment.’ Day in and day out, year after year, this little boy sees and hears his parents sticking up for themselves, fighting with clarity and respect, owning up to their faults without trying to weasel out of them, giving each other room to make mistakes without always being taken to task, taking risks, acting on their values rather than just talking about them, appreciating and loving each other and enjoying their relationship.

When this little boy becomes a man he automatically conducts the majority of his life with integrity and honor.”
(John & Linda Friel)


I can’t really add much to this quote. Rather than try, I’ll just encourage you to go back and read it again.


Peace begins with pause,



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