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  • Questions to live by

    In our family, this quote couldn’t be more true. Jenny and I were practically babies ourselves when we got married, and I shudder to think how…

  • Seeing Your Children as Adults

    This quote by the legendary comedienne Lucille Ball is true on a couple of different levels. On one hand, she seems to be talking about the phenomenon…

  • I believed them

    Each of my kids has lied to me, face to face. This is an entirely normal part of growing up. Sometimes…

  • What’s a Grownup?

    My wife and sister share a birthday today. I’m not dumb enough to tell you how old they are, but I will say…

  • TBT: Can I? Please? Can I?

    The journey of a successful parent can be summarized…

  • 4.5 screamfree kids

    It’s Hard to Be a Kid

    It is so easy for adults, feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities of adulthood, to forget how difficult it can be to be a child. Whether age 8 or 18, it is sometimes just plain hard to be a kid. School is either incredibly difficult or incredibly boring, and relationships are seemingly always full of melodrama or pain, and body image and hormones are, well, major issues. Such is the story of being immature, growing up, and in constant need of validation.

  • scream free russell simmons

    Can I?

    The world belongs to those who say, “I can.” (Russell Simmons, Do You) The journey of a successful parent can be summarized in a variety of ways. One of my favorites so far has been watching my kids go from begging for permission: Can I? Please? Can I? to start announcing their accomplishments: I can, […]