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ScreamFree Relationship Coaching

A stay-at-home wife and mother trying to figure out what’s happening in her struggling marriage, and wondering how she may have lost herself along the way. A successful businessman who seems to have the respect of everyone but his own family. A pastor struggling to introduce change in a dying organization. A father who just wants to stop screaming, both at work and at home.

These are just a few of the folks who have found help through ScreamFree Coaching with Hal Runkel, LMFT.

You are not alone in your pursuit of a peaceful home. You are not alone in your quest for better relationships. The great thing is that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own. Creating and maintaining the relationships you desire is not an easy task. Those relationships require an incredible amount of attention, wisdom, and maturity. That’s what you and Hal can work on -- together.

ScreamFree Coaching with Hal can be done in person in our Atlanta area office, via phone, or online through Skype, Facetime, etc.  Hal works with individuals, couples, and families in need of help learning to press pause and create the relationships they've always craved.  Whether it's co-parenting challenges, pre-marriage intensives, or recovery issues, Hal can develop a coaching plan with you to meet your needs.

The journey begins with an hour long session with Hal.  In this session you’ll chat about what brought you to ScreamFree. Hal will answer all of your questions about coaching, different formats, and options. You’ll discuss what ScreamFree coaching is and what it isn’t. You’ll learn what makes for a successful experience, and you’ll get to share any specific concerns you may have about your situation.

If you’re hurting and wondering if it will ever get better, take that next step and book an appointment. Peace in your home is not as far off as you think. ScreamFree Coaching can help you get there.