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  • Part of the Problem

    While we all love to blame others for our unwanted circumstances, deep down we all have the same fear…

  • Your key to peace this holiday season.

    One phrase that’s always interested me is “light-hearted.” A common way we hear it…

  • Who’s Your Daddy? (And Mommy, and…

    Gratitude assignment for the day: List 3 to 5 things about …

  • H.A.L.T.

    If you’ve ever had surgery, you’ve probably heard the Dr. warn against making any big decisions, or having any deep discussions …

  • The 3rd Best Way to Suffer Well

    This week we’ve talked about Acknowledging our suffering, and even learning to Appreciate it. Today may be the most difficult…

  • Less of the Same

    One of the worst human habits is doubling down on our habits. When things get tight, when anxieties start to rise, we…

  • Train More, Try Less

    Today’s Pause comes from another chapter of our newest book, Choose Your Own Adulthood (which comes out March 28th!).

  • Stop

    We’re all busy. If it’s not the office calling, it’s the laundry buzzing,
    the microwave beeping, an aging parent, a needy friend, an empty
    refrigerator. But here’s the truth: all of that will still be there if you
    don’t get to it immediately. None of that stuff is going anywhere right
    this second. So, if you do nothing else on today of all days, do this:

  • The Relationships We Crave Most

    Yesterday we talked about the terror some of us feel in our own homes. Scared of feeling rejected, ignored, dismissed, or unheard by the people who matter most, we reactively retreat to passivity and self-protection.

  • Having a Clean House is Overrated

    Imagine your child in 25 years, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend as they reminisce about their childhood. What would you rather hear as a fly on the wall?