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Screamfree Parenting 8.8
August 8, 2016

Let’s try to stop bragging about our kids

“If you say on FB, ‘My kid loves reading,’ that’s okay. If you say, ‘My kid is the best
reader in his grade,’ I start the hate machine.”
(Brad Meltzer)

Hey folks, Jenny here (Hal’s wife). Let’s face it. Everyone likes to talk about how great their children are. That’s very normal. But, I’m going to shoot you straight on this one… Nothing will clog up a FB scroll like a parent going on and on about junior’s latest phenomenal exploits. I think I’d rather sit through a PowerPoint presentation. Well, that’s probably overstating things.

Seriously, there are few things more tedious than the person who brags about their children. If you don’t know anyone like this, than you either are very lucky, or….you are that person. With that said, there are appropriate places to indulge. On the phone with your own parents or in-laws being one of them. But when you are out and about or talking with a friend, please – for the love of us all – find something else to discuss.

If you find this restraint very difficult, that’s a sure sign that you need to practice it more often. Don’t be one of those parents who hides behind their children’s shadows. Step out on your own and make it your goal to learn something new from the people around you and hopefully, it won’t be about their children either.

Peace begins with pause,

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