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April 29, 2009

Subaru Heaven???

Ok, I will freely admit it. I like commercials. I am one of those sad sacks that makes an event out of watching the Super Bowl ads and, yes… I even go online the next day to read about the best and the worst out there.

I love funny ones, poignant ones, innovative ones – you name it…I am a sucker. BUT, there is one caveat that I do have and I’ll hold on to it with everything in my being. In order for me to like a commercial…It has to MAKE SENSE!!!

There is one commercial out there right now that chaps my hide because it comes very close to being great, but it falls painfully short. Yes, I am talking about the Subaru Heaven commercial.

Let me get this straight. My kids come home telling me all about my carbon footprint after visiting a landfill and then turn on the tv to see a guy who probably works at Apple (they either drive Volkswagons or Subarus, right) just leave his old car out in a meadow? HWAH?????

I can just imagine some of the conversations taking place as bitter divorcees try and explain this commercial to their children…

Daughter: Mom, what is he doing? Why is he just leaving it there?

Mother: Apparently, he loves it and he wants it to be with…other broken down Subarus.

Daughter: But he can’t just leave it there! Think of how much you could recycle from just the metal on that thing. Plus, didn’t he just say that he didn’t need a tow even after two days of driving? If he loves it so much and it still runs fine, then why is he leaving it?

Mother: I guess he got a little tired of it. Men sometimes get tired of something they’ve had for awhile, even if that thing has been very good to then. Suddenly, he wants to upgrade to a newer model. He doesn’t want anyone else to benefit from what she still has to offer, so he takes her to an abandoned field and leaves her there with all of the other old broads feeling used and helpless. Then he puts his arm around his new girlfriend and drives away into the sunset while someone else is left to clean up the mess he leaves behind in his wake.

Daughter: Oh. Are we still talking about the Subaru?

2 thoughts on “Subaru Heaven???

  1. Please listen to the whole commercial. “you give that car what it deserves, a chance to live on one part at a time” There is your recycling explanation. I have no idea how this commercial could in anyway be ambiguous, or misconstrued into somehow endorsing pollution.

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